'Tis a shame

Today I was saying at work my new favourite numbers in the world are 0-7-1.

It looks like 0-8-1 (and even 0-7-2) are out of the picture, as with 15:07 left in the 3rd period the Maple Leafs are leading Anaheim 4-2. Unless Anaheim can remember who the hell they are playing, Toronto is going to get its first win of the season and end how funny this joke is.

At this point its like the Blue Jays' 10-game losing streak: a win won't help them much (moreso in this case as Toronto gave up their draft pick to Boston in the offseason), and a loss might as well just keep them trying for losing in an historically famous manner.

Update, 11:13pm: They did, indeed, win. Begin planning the parade route, deluded Make-Me-Laugh fans!