Lily Tran's boyfriend shot?

steve pillon and richard mah got shot at the jay z concert te other night outside deisel ultra lounge.they did not die.
This was commented on an old Lily Tran post tonight, referencing the two men shot after the Tuesday Jay-Z concert. (Twitter commentary sampled here).

Is it true? Here's the 630 CHED story on the shooting.

People who had just left the Diesel Ultra Lounge were sitting in a silver luxury car in a parking lot just north of 119th Avenue when the vehicle was sprayed with bullets fired from a passing car. Multiple bullets hit the windshield and two men were wounded. One was shot in the head and another was wounded in an arm.

It certainly looks plausible. No racial indication of the victims was given.

Bonus link; October 19 2009, 11:11pm: I forgot to mention that Marky Mark's Thoughts has also pontificated on Lily Tran with considerably more comments than I've gotten. He sticks with the thesis though: Lily Tran's actions are the reasons she is dead. Her friends might cry, but the rest of us can just shrug it off.