Google Street View -- still not in Edmonton (but damned near everywhere else)

At least I didn't punk you like I did last time.

Today Google launched in several Canadian cities (a fact that those of you who follow me on Twitter learned before any other media site in Canada). Which cities? Bear in mind that Google said in April that Google Street View would debut 'within weeks' and that it would go live across Canadian cities simultaneously.

Google Street View is now available in Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, Ottawa, Halifax, Calgary, Quebec City, Hamilton, and Kitchener. It is not yet available in Winnipeg -- or in Edmonton. When will Edmonton get it? Uh, nobody knows, and the answers you get are unlikely to be accurate.

In other Google Maps news, Red Deer is now in high-resolution. As recently as August, Red Deer was still a big blog on Google Maps. Now? Beautiful closeups of a city that probably would have wished there weren't so many high-resolution photographs.

Update; Oct 8 2009, 8:44pm: When will Google Street View come to Edmonton? iNews880 quotes Wayne Wood of the Alberta Privacy Commish's office suggesting it may be before Thanksgiving. So far only a rumour, but pencil in November 15th.


nope said...

fAIL. Still no Street View!