You can't teach an old C new tricks

Is Edmonton Oilers Centre Mike Comrie turning into a new incarnation of Chris Pronger (who was himself a more-popular sequel to the original Mike Comrie)?

From @MicheRyder's Twitter feed:

Stayed tuned.... Breaking comrie news...spotted canoodling with a blonde that was not hilary.

I had heard about this other blonde, then I saw them together...

Hilary would of course be Hilary Duff, the superstar singer that Comrie is somehow dating. Canoodling would be called necking, for those who need a translation.

If true (note Mike was "out with the flu" last night), we could have yet another problem with puckbunnies causing perfectly capable hockey players to be chased out of town. Of course, Montreal never has this problem. What's with the superstar infidelities anyways? Keep it in your pants or your girlfriend's irresistable moist snatch, Mikey-boy.

Movie A comes out, and then Movie B is a far more successful sequel to Movie A. Then Movie C comes along as a remake of Movie B. This has happened before somewhere, hasn't it? Its on the edge of my brain but I can't think of it.