It's true: a gayfish just can't live in the outside world

With the Kanye West/Taylor Swift incident last night I thought it entirely suitable to present to you this:

(and the full version with all the swears:)

Bonus Kanye: Gold Derby at the Los Angeles Times has a couple quality blog posts (with some interesting pro-Kanye comments from weirdos) up here and here. Also interesting for several black commentators, particularly one from "denard":

ad but true, once again Kanye goes out of his way to give hip-hop a black eye. It's not always the racial conspirators that ruin it for us. Sometimes, we can look at our own outlandish buffonery and find more fault. I am not happy that Kanye has once again made a true jack@$$ of himself. But when you're music begins to lack in the depth and complexity that it once had (because your hunger has diminished), you have to find other ways to stay relevant. Your ignorance fuels that negative stigma that makes it hard for us (universally) to escape the perception that all of us who produce, purchase, and purvey hip-hop are coonish apes. I would ask you to kill yourself. But if you did that, I'd have to endure endless rotation of what has become an increasingly shallow catalog of your music every anniversary of your death. Simply stated: build a bridge and get over yourself or jump off it after you build it.

Also check out MTV's comparison of Joe Wilson to Kanye West. Of course, Obama wasn't "attempting to debunk the myths created around health care reform", he was trying to spin an issue his way. Not that MTV would clue in. On the other hand, of course, Beyonce's video (black chicks shaking their ass) isn't exactly breaking huge swaths of new ground. [neither is Taylor Swift's mind you, but nobody called it the greatest video of all time last night either di they? -ed]