Send Ed a message...er, another one. Louder.

Ed was sent a message...

This by election was a referendum on Ed plain and simple. The WAP currently has no leader, sold no other platform than to send Ed a message, and ran against what I consider a strong PC candidate. While the win was necessary, it is not time to gloat the win (maybe for a day or two:). This was a major step for the party in the fact we took the win from the right, and beat out the Libs which in my mind is the other political powerhouse, but we are far from being a government or strong opposition for that matter. This being said, we can be.

But Ed didn't get the message:
Ed Stelmach showed very little class with his press release from the GOA. This stinks of flying the party banner with no acknowledgement of Paul Hinman. How he could use taxpayer money to give thanks to Diane and assure the residents of Calgary-Glenmore that the other city MLA's will continue to represent them is simply wrong. This statement should be on the PC website, not the GOA. Paul is the representation of these voters, as they have decided. Undermining their decision shows his sheer ignorance of what the message is the voters in this riding are sending. People are sick and tired of the way he is running the province, and if he won't address the problems the Wildrose Alliance will.