Bush coming to Edmonton

As some of you may be aware, I now have my ticket to "A Conversation with George W. Bush". It promises to be fun, exciting, informative, and a great way to piss off liberals.

Already Mimi Williams is upset:

I am quite chagrined that Edmonton Economic Development is co-sponsoring this event. Many Edmontonians hold the former president in the lowest regard; some even believe he should be prosecuted for war crimes.

Given what we know from his Calgary visit, his appearance is obviously provocative and will surely trigger disruptive, and potentially violent, demonstrations in front of the Shaw Conference Centre.

In my view, it is inappropriate that EEDC--funded by taxpayers--is participating in any event celebrating this man's actions.
First off, let me officially note that I would rather have an Edmonton of 1,000,000 George W. Bushes than an Edmonton that contains the one Mimi Williams we're already stuck with. [I've been sitting off on a half-done post regarding how Mimi Williams got a job with Telus specifically to strike -ed].

As I've noted before, war criminal and impeached disbarred ex-President Bill Clinton has come to Edmonton and Calgary without fanfare, so its already illogical to be upset over Bush.

As another note, Marilyn Manson came to Edmonton. He's at least an order of magnitude worse to have in our city than Bush. He even played on 9/11. As Mike Ross's review noted, not so much as a whimper of a protest.

It's a shame George W. won't get that kind of a reception.

Update, 12:42pm: A few other posts on the subject at connect2edmonton (they ignore Clinton the War Criminal), Hawkeyi (featuring ignorant youtube comments from a bunch of kids who get their news from Jon Stewart), Colin Horgan (who decided to make up what Klein was "best known for" -- the correct answer was "balancing the books"), and ProtestBush.com (well, they are actually quite reserved on the subject as wingnuts go).

Update, October 20 2009, 12:30pm: Well, the big day is here, and since this is the high Google ranking entry in this series, here are more recent posts regarding Bush's visit: