"Dairy Causes Diarrhea, Chunky Creamy Butter Cheese"

On September 8th I tweeted about a case involving family not revealing the name of who died in a crash.

Specifically, the story is thus:

A Rimbey man was killed while seven people in a separate two motor vehicle crash walked away unscathed Monday.

Cpl. Terry Best of Stettler RCMP said a 36-year-old man died in single motor vehicle collision about 1.5 km north of Hwy 601 on Range Road 17-5 near the village of Red Willow.

Best said the man’s name was being withheld from publication at the request of the family.

Best said it’s believed the driver of the 1990 pickup driven lost control and rolled into the east ditch about 2:30 a.m. Monday.

He was ejected from the vehicle and pronounced dead at the scene by Stettler Regional Fire Department and Stettler Emergency Services which attended the scene.

Best said investigators are following up on information that alcohol may have been a factor in the collision.
Now this caught my attention: why would they be able to not release the man's name? This past weekend I was in the Stettler area and did a couple casual inquiries. The first thing that everybody knows is that he's originally from the Stettler area and only moved west a few months ago. Beyond that...we got nothing. I used to know a couple of the hotter nurses at Stettler Hospital a decade or so ago, but they don't work there anymore. Lots of people are curious mostly once they discovered that its a local, but so far nothing.

It became really interesting as a curiosity when today a couple dead in north Edmonton are being kept hush hush at the family's request. It makes a turn for the creepy when you learn CTV Edmonton reported the victims were 39-year-old Jeff Bostick and his 11-year-old autistic son Jeremy.

We know that this 36 year old louse from Stettler died drunk driving. I'm sure people who know them personally (it might shock cityfolk to learn, but the "Heart of Alberta" has 5,000 people living there, plus another 5,000 in the county. Some of them know who this asshat is, and I would appreciate it if anybody with such knowledge could tack it into the comments.

(and for those wondering about the post title)

Update, 5:08pm: It turns out that Jeff Bostick murdered his autistic child. Yet Edmonton Police have decided to continue the family's personal publication ban.