"Man, I'd pay money to skip this line." "Uh, you just did."

ABFreedom gets healthcare:

I stepped into the medical center, filled out a few lines on some paper work, and didn't even get a chance to sit down, when I was called into one of the rooms. The Nurse took some info about allergies, and family history, and said she would be right back. Within minutes the Doc come in, took a look, and told me to lay back. He did the surgery, which took about 10 minutes, sewed me up, and left. The nurse did a little clean up, and I was done.

The whole procedure sign in, diagnostics, surgery, and clean up was done in 45 minutes! .. No playing around.. no referring me to here, there, and everywhere. No waiting for hours in the waiting room. No coming back at a better time.... Just getting it done... Period.