It's about time!

A hearing is underway for two officers accused of using excessive force during the Stanley Cup riots in Edmonton three years ago.

And thus begins some sort of action to punish the crooked Edmonton Police officers named Tori Tagg and Denise Turkawski.

Two chicks who just hated the fact that Brian Fish, a 68 year old lawyer, was photographing police brutality during the 2006 Oilers playoff run. (Further discussion was here). They were doing horrific things, despicable things. Their boss told them that it was okay to assail and batter the citizenry who were out trying to have fun and enjoy themselves. They talked themselves up. They pretended they had balls and that those balls were huge. While their coworkers slapped handcuffs on people seemingly at random for trivial activities that in no way could be considered crimes, Brian Fish was documenting it. He was recording, he was watching, he was collecting a record on the events unfolding on the publicly owned streets of Edmonton -- those same streets where Tagg and Turkawski enforced their own vicious third world opinions of justice.

And so they attacked -- they lashed out. As a senior citizen took photographs in a public place, photographs that Brian Fish was legally allowed to take, without interference, they decended upon him like wolves and demanded that he give up his constitutionally protected activity. And when he refused? They turned vicious, drew their weapons, and fired. Fish fell to the ground as three bolts burst into his flesh, thousands of volts of power surging through his aging body at the hands of thugs. Thugs with badges. Thugs who represented and continue to represent Edmonton Police Services and all that they "stand" for.

Nail them. Nail their asses to the wall. Publish their names, place their faces on billboards the size of semitrailers.

Denise Turkawski. Tori Tagg. Corrupt cops.