The return of Mason-the-Moron

You may remember about a month ago I noted a curious fact of Brian Mason's NDP and their intense desire for taxpayer dollars to go to a bunch of self-delusioned queers: namely that for a big proponent of government-owned healthcare, Mason seemed very unaware that it means the government could just take ownership of it, and that he personally may not always like what that means.

Anyways, on Saturday there was a rally held at the Legislature in support of public healthcare, and none other than Brian Mason was in attendance. If you note the second picture, there is a giant photograph of Health Minister Ron Liepert where he is taken as the evil face of Stelmach's government run healthcare system.

Uh, Mason, it was your idea to have a Health Minister chosen by the government elected by Albertans. It seems sort of silly to complain about his existence now. As a very wise ambassador once said, "the avalanche has already started. It is too late for the pebbles to vote".

Again, let me make this clear: if you don't want Ron Liepert to have a say in how you receive your healthcare then you shouldn't be campaigning for a group called "Stand up for Public Heath". You should be requesting immediate privatization so that you can get the healthcare you want, no matter what Ron Liepert or David Eggen says about it.