The 57 state gaffe and how it will lead America to Sharia Law

Diana West finds some odd coincidences in President Monkey's gaffes:

From Day One we've seen an accelerated elevation of of the Islamic world by this administration with its repeated mantra of "mutual respect," its pattern of Islam-first in presidential phone calls (#1 went to the PA), interviews (# 1 went to al-Arabiya), and audiences (no time for Netanyahu?). We've seen the weirdest succession of Islamic symbolism so laughably crude that it has to be coincidental or it has to be not-at-all hidden messages: Candidate Obama saying he'd been to "all 57 states (the OIC has 57 member states); President Obama giving his economic policy speech containg "five pillars" (there are 5 "pillars" of Islam); talking about a new "foundation" (Al Qaeda translates as The Foundation).