Depending on who you want to believe, in the upcoming Calgary-Glenmore provincial byelection the Conservative candidate (and most likely the shoo-in to win the riding) will either be a prominant Liberal that will disable the Alberta left for a generation or a prominant Wildrose Alliancer that will disable the Alberta right for a generation.

Much as I like to see how David Swann is an unmitigated Grant Mitchell-style disaster for his party, I can't say I like the idea of Fischer joining the Conservatives (even if it does take away one of the Lib's last sources of stable financing). On the other hand, having a principled voice like Danielle become neutered like what happened with Ted Morton doesn't sound like my idea of fun either.

Are they sure she can't win under a Wildrose banner? It would either cement her for the leadership or guarantee that she'd best go back to being the hottest voice for property rights around!