Rocking the Reservation on the Communal Internet Feed

Brocket 99, the infamous 80s southern Alberta underground sensation, is now on YouTube.

What with all the drunk natives smoking pot I encountered in my day downtown this afternoon, I felt it was only appropriate. Embedding is (naturally) disabled, so just click the links for the Brocket goodness:

Brocket 99 Part 1. This featured the opening I tweeted about last week featuring "Little Willy".

Brocket 99 Part 2. This features Harvey Squirrelnuts talking about the new Brocket Bar and Grill.

Brocket 99 Part 3. Remember those "Take an Alberta Break" 80s radio commercials? They are re-created here.

Brocket 99 Part 4. Part 4 contains my favourite part: the (very lengthy) Brocket court report. "But the witness who was at the court I guess saw him downtown in Cardston there and called the cops and fuck the bastard I'll get him"

Brocket 99 Part 5. THe SeaHawks are gonna kick the Blue Jays' ass. Don't ask me how that works.

Brocket 99 Part 6. Indian calendar, but for some reason this one is edited for "copyright issues". Seeing how Brocket 99 massively rips off AC/DC albums I'm not sure why this one clip needed editing. On the bright side, it's embeddable:

Brocket 99 Part 7. THe "Reservation Business Directory" is the highlight of this clip which again is apparently edited. I'll have to compare to my originals when I have the time and/or energy.

Brocket 99 Part 8. Iris Larrat, who won a Juno in 1980 and 1982, has her interview horribly cut up and mocked, with all the dirty talk you can ask for. This is the conclusion of the Brocket 99 clips.