More reasons closing down the Edmonton Municipal airport makes absolutely no friggin' sense

Earlier this month I noted a (very large) derelict building in the Westmount area. Naturally I asked two key questions:

  1. Why, if there are derelict buildings in the area, do we so critically need to develop the land on the nearby Edmonton City Centre Airport?
  2. If the airport is "keeping buildings from being built up" particularly in the northwest quadrant of the city, why isn't that building surrounded by other buildings of the same size? Clearly that height is acheivable in the area, but there isn't a 4-story condo to be found
Well I finally found what it was: the Charles Camsell Consumption Research Hospital.

Waking Up on Planet X has information about the hospital, and you can view photos of it here.

Note that my questions remain unanswered. If Mayor Mandell and the airport-teardown proponents can't explain the Charles Camsell Hospital, then they have no business making changes to the airport.