Google News hiccups

So you click the main link about Jason Kenney and Ruby Dhalla, and you get this article:

On CTV's Question Period, Kenney scoffed at the suggestion, made by Dhalla's lawyer, that there may have been some sort of political conspiracy to bring down the Brampton, Ont., MP.

"I don't know what conspiracy this would be," he said. "Between the Conservative party, the NDP, three Filipino nannies and the Toronto Star? I think it undermines credibility when people start talking about conspiracies."
Then you click on the picture. Now Ruby Dhalla is pretty cute as MPs not named Rona go, but she looks pretty provocative in the motorcycle in the picture on Google News.

So you click the link, and what do you read about? Ruby Dhalla's completely unrelated film appearance, where it appears she was photoshopped onto a sluttier body:
Made in 2003 in Hamilton, with he and Dhalla as co-stars, the story is of a man poisoning his wife to collect insurance.

Its title translates from Hindi as Why? And for Whom?

When the now-MP learned of Sihra's plans, he said she asked him not to release it.

In the story, which the Sun published first in March, Dhalla said publicity photos of her with Sihra were doctored, with her face superimposed on another woman's body, wearing clothing she never donned.

He vehemently denied any photos were changed.

That's a lot of scandals for a woman with such cleavage...