That useless son of a bitch Dion

GP Conservative compares Toronto's smog with Grande Prairie's to look at who really needs to be taxed.

Dion was in Edmonton today complaining about Alberta, while the socialist morons in the crowd delighted in listening to a man denigrate thems. What kind of self-hating people are these, anyways?

(Bonus aside courtesy a friend via IM: notice how it looks like the poster says "Fucking U.S."? Think that was even remotely accidental?)

GP Conservative argues thus, and none too senselessly:

Perhaps instead we should tax Ontario a hundred million bucks for every loss of life due to smog and distribute it to Albertans via tax cuts.
I was thinking today that, had I been available this afternoon, a protest in front of this stupid conference would have been the way to go. Letting Dion know in no uncertain terms that he wasn't welcome in this province would be wonderful. But it was raining, so I didn't go. I'll discuss this in a future post (why the rain stopped me, not Dion).


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I was concerned about the rigidty of your manhood, good thing this useless waste of flesh left you a link with the answer!

Feynman and Coulter's Love Child said...

Mom, I thought I told you to stop commenting on here!

Anonymous said...

(in a redneck hick accent) YAHHHHHH!!!! Lets just keep sucking up all the oil in Alberta and keep pumping all the toxins into the environment and hoard all the money!! Screw it! Globidal warmins isnt [i] our[/i] problem!! Its up to our grandkids to save the human raccccceeee!!