The 2008 Summer Vacation Thread

Well, its that time of year again [pay raise? -ed], the time of year that your humble correspondant takes a well-deserved three week vacation. Naturally, my extended absence will mean that I'm unable to provide you with the level of advanced and in depth correspondance you have all come to expect. In the interim, I will do the same thing I did last time I went on a holiday, and provide you with an open thread for all wild comments, and a couple of good starting points to get your creative juices flowing.

  1. Sikh Male loses helmet appeal
    How about an easy and simple legislative solution that eliminates the problem and restores freedom of religion:
    Non Christians are prohibited from wearing safety equipment while biking or bicycling or rollerblading. (Or working construction)

  2. Let the Western Bastards freeze in the dark? Not quite the same ring...

  3. Calgary Police Association says "the public has to know that nobody -- not even a police officer -- is above the law."
    Edmonton Police say "er, hold on, that doesn't include us does it? No? Okay, good"

  4. Or, how about pictures of hot chicks?

I don't wish to impose any restrictions here (partly because I won't be around to delete offending messages [what am I, chopped liver? Oh, wait, I'm taking a Mai Tai break of my own at Hawreluk Park -ed]) but its a free-for-all in the comments, so enjoy.


Feynman and Coulter's Love Child said...

China's irrational Olympic fan demands?

FACLC and Barak Osama in the same city at the same time?

Really? Nobody has anything to contribute?