One year ago today

As I discussed on July 7th of last year, I had a new laptop to play with, and wasn't blogging much.

Yesterday, to celebrate the first year of my laptop, it started booting to a black screen with a moveable cursor. Safe Mode, Recent Good Boot, and Recovery Manager all fail to resolve the situation.

Naturally, HP's Warranty is good for precisely one year. Which expired just three days before the laptop blew up.


gpconservative said...

Just a suggestion but it sounds like it might be a corrupted master boot record.
Assuming it is XP, load from xp disk into recovery mode and type fixmbr.
sometimes "fixboot" or "chkdsk /r" is needed to repair as well.

May the force be with you.

Feynman and Coulter's Love Child said...

No, the MBR is fine. Vista still loads, as the link's original poster discusses, it simply hangs at a movable cursor and black screen at the moment explorer.exe is intended to run.

Running chkdsk from the recovery program simply causes the disk to hang at about 29% scan completion, so I re-installed and now it works fine. Minus my data, of course, but a little play in Knoppix takes care of that.

gpconservative said...

Sorry I didn't click that link. I am no different than most readers I guess....never click the links.