EPS Officers get away with murder Assault with a Weapon

Two senior police officers who assaulted an irate homeowner while arresting a fugitive in his house without a warrant were given conditional discharges yesterday.

That means if the pair, Staff Sgt. Jamie Ewatski and Staff Sgt. John Fiorilli, successfully complete 60 hours of community service during six months of probation, they will earn an absolute discharge and not get a criminal record.
Yet again we see corrupt Edmonton Police officers getting away with actions which other people would be locked up for. The two pigs burst into the home of an innocent electrician a few years back with no warrant, and when he tried to keep the cops outside they attacked and pepper sprayed him.
Provincial court Judge Vaughn Myers accepted the men were exemplary police officers and good citizens, but said something must be given back to the community because they had unlawfully invaded a private residence.

Myers noted "there would have been an uproar" if it had been the home of a police officer, a defence lawyer, a prosecutor, a court clerk or a judge involved.

"The moment the court treats the home of an electrician with any less sanctity is the day justice has left the building," said Myers.
If these two freaks of nature are "exemplary police officers" than I sure as hell don't want to meet any below average ones! Judge Myers has the case all backwards though: there would have been no uproar if police had burst into the home of a defence lawyer [though police seem to be allowed to taser and arrest lawyers at will. -ed], but there sure would be hell if some electrician burst into somebody's home and beat the guy up. Make no mistake about it, this is precisely what happened in this case.

And yet again, two guilty men, two corrupt Edmonton Police officers, two scumbag pigs, are getting away with it.