The regressive Old Democrats strike again

Layton hoping for Alberta `breakthrough' with Ray Martin as a candidate

CALGARY _ Federal NDP Leader Jack Layton says he's thrilled that long-time Alberta New Democrat Ray Martin has agreed to seek the candidacy for the national party in the riding of Edmonton East.

Martin served as the Alberta NDP leader for eight years in the late 1980s to early 1990s. He then returned to provincial politics to represent an east-Edmonton riding for four years until he was defeated in March when the Conservatives roared back to power with 72 seats.

Layton says Martin is well respected and known as a man with a lot of integrity. Federal New Democrats say they hope Martin will help launch `a breakthrough' for them in the province, where all federal seats are currently held by the Conservatives.

The NDP nomination meeting for Edmonton East is expected in September. (The Canadian Press, ccg)
You know, for the side of the ideological fence that always insults conservatives for being "regressive" because we don't believe poofters should be allowed to (adopt/marry/parade/exist) or we haven't "progressively" enough decided to side with the Taliban in the House of Commons, the socialists are the most "regressive" folks around.

They yet again are ressurecting the walking carcass which is Ray Martin to "revitalize" their efforts, much in the same way they keep hanging onto Marxist theory long after its discrediting. They continue to attack 19th century economic conditions (that may not have existed), and (this is the kicker) they continue to attack traditional conservative family morality as it applied to a campy fictional television show (or worse, a santized television version of a popular radio program).