All hail the abortionists

With the National Post irrationally debating whether an important matter of public policy can be declared off-limits to an entire gender, I thought it a good time to more publically address Amanda, who stated the following in my previous post on the Morgentaller Order of Canada decision:

First off he didn't get the award for performing abortions, he received it for his part in making the government acknowledge a women's right to choose what they want to do with their bodies and lives!! For you to dictate to anyone else what they should do or believe makes you in the wrong! If you personally don't believe in abortions fine! Don't practice it!!!
I already addressed the first bit: to wit, in an abortion the woman is snuffing out the baby's life, not hers. Which is why I am completely unflummoxed by the threat of "back alley abortions". After all, if a woman dies in the course of committing a regular murder we don't get all weepy eyed over her, so why should we be upset that a woman went into a back alley, successfully murdered her own baby with a coat hanger, and then later died of hemmoraging?

Anyways, as for the part I do plan to address uniquely here, there is a side of the abortion debate that gets ignored. The men who want abortions but their bitchy cows of an ex-girlfriend refuse to get them. How do people like Amanda find it justified to force men to pay child support for a baby that they have already tried to get offed? Now seeing that women seem to get to decide to have an abortion whether the man wants one or not (even if, say, he agrees to care for the child himself and/or put it up for adoption himself), can we at least ammend the law so that if the man is willing to abort the child, and the woman refuses, that he is not required to pay a dime in child support? After all, if the man personally does believe in abortions, should he not get the chance to not pay child support for 18 years?

Anyways, I started the post off by saying "all hail the abortionists" and I meant it. I think its time that, media darlings aside, we pay attention to some other important abortionists in Canada. This man here, like Morgentaler, believed in the parental right to chose, was derided and hated for his beliefs, and even thrown in prison. So let's all raise our glasses [you too Amanda, sweetheart, this one's for you! -ed] and toast another proud Canadian supporter of abortions!