Ho hum, another foolish Afghan War protest

Protesters want Afghanistan mission ended

Er, and it will be ended in 2011, whether its a good idea or not. (Hint: its not) They are getting what they wanted!

Protesters plan to rally in 20 communities across Canada today against the ongoing conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq.

"This war has nothing to do with the defense of democracy or women's rights in Afghanistan and everything to do with advancing U.S. strategic interests in the region," wrote the Canadian Peace Alliance in a news release.

"We reject sending our youth to serve as cannon fodder in Afghanistan, where 78 Canadians soldiers have now died, with hundreds wounded, and even more psychologically damaged in an unjust, illegal war."
The anti-Iraq war cry in 2003, if you recall, was centered on how "unlike Afghanistan" the war in Iraq would be unjust, illegal, and solely for American interests, namely cheap gas. [So if this is true, where the hell's the cheap gas? -ed] But these people don't care.

They just hate the notion that the west might do something "for its own interests". Nevermind that we are the west, and "our own interests" are objectively the best thing for Aghanistan. They just like to protest that the U.S. might have things go its way.