The #1 mystery in the City of Edmonton

Forget the dead chick in the car, 630 CHED brings us the real head scratcher in the City of Champions:

Police have arrested a couple of 14 year old girls after two 12 year old girls were allegedly robbed inside West Edmonton Mall.

It's alleged the 12 year olds were confronted by four other teens around 2:30 Saturday morning.

Police say the alleged victims were pushed and forced to hand over some cash and two cellphones.

Mall security detained kept the teens until police got on the scene. It's not known why the teens were at the mall at that time.
That's right, CHED news is completely perplexed that teenaged girls were in a mall. This is completely unexpected! What on earth would make teenagers want to hang out at a mall?

Bonus 630 CHED link: Last Link on the Left addresses the late 2007 departure (and 2008 return) of CHED morning man Gord Whitehead.