Party it up! Edmonton is cheaper to live than (insert insanely overpriced city name here)

From 630 CHED:

An Edmonton rabbi and his wife are pitching their city as a haven for Orthodox Jews who want to avoid the high cost of living in New York City.

Rabbi Daniel Friedman says despite Alberta's booming economy, Edmonton is affordable compared to New York.

His wife, Rebbetzin Batya Friedman, will be in New York next month representing Edmonton at a conference hosted by the Orthodox Union.

The organization represents around 1,000 orthodox congregations across North America.

Daniel Friedman says Edmonton has great infrastructure for an Orthodox Jewish lifestyle compared to Toronto, Vancouver or Calgary.

Orthodox Jewish customs mean followers must live within walking distance of synagogues, buy food prepared in kosher fashion and send their children to Jewish schools among other practices.
It just brings a tear to my eye to consider that somewhere in North America there are still people who look at Edmonton and say "wow, I wish things were that affordable in my city"!