New content you may have missed

Since my St. Patrick's Day post was sticky, some of you may not have caught some of the updates that were taking place, so I will briefly discuss them here.

Colby Cosh finds a UofA Gateway article that explains why the loony left is treated with contempt in Alberta.

I heard a bit of juicy gossip on Shernell Pierre, that nurse who was shot to death and burned in her car last week. So far its gained itself two interesting comments: the first from somebody alleging to be a CTV reporter wanting me to call in about the story; the second from someone who is upset that I'm "spreading accusations" despite not actually accusing anybody. I smell a followup post soon.

Finally, Maitreye is a World Teacher who claims to be Buddha, Jesus, Allah, Moses, and David Koresh all at the same time. You'd think an image of our Lord Made Flesh would reproduce more clearly in a photocopy.