The worst non-Spence Diamonds radio ad in Edmonton

The Canadian Brewhouse has a radio ad that just played on 100.3 The Bear, that has to be one of the dumbest I've ever heard.

First it uses crazy sexual innuendo spoken by a phone-sex operator voice, where she asks if you "want it hard or soft", and the announcer says that its hard to choose, but the Brewhouse has a solution to your hard/soft taco dilemna:

One day a week (Tuesday I think), you can get 3 hard tacos or 3 soft tacos for $3.

Now think very carefully about this...in no way whatsoever does this solve your dilemna. If the offer had been "2 hard tacos and 2 soft tacos for $4" or something, that would mean something. Instead, you still have the dilemna, unless you want to buy six tacos and do three of each. Thats certainly possible for those of us with big stomachs, but not for the average Pete.