Brokeback Mountain frightened its target audience -- "mountain" is of course a subliminal way of relating the woman's breast, very scary for homos

The Brothers Judd have their take on Brokeback Mountain, the lame-ass "gay cowboy" movie that nobody in their right mind would want to go see. (Film's "obvious appeal"? To women and sodomites. I rest my case)

The Telegraph article on the topic quotes a rancher saying "I just don't think our way of life is conducive to them." (the "our" is ranchers, the "them" is sodomites)

The Telegraph has to bring up the faggot rodeo, although apparently our home-grown group has more sodomite activists than sodomite cowboys, lending credence to the lifestyle-choice option that sodomites are desperate to ditch lest we remember that they choose to be sick perverts. Of course, that there are few if any actual sodomite cowboys reminds us that sodomites may not recall making the choice to be sodomites (I likewise don't recall my choice to think tomatoes taste awful, but i wouldn't claim i was born a tomato-hater), but they do indeed make that choice somewhere down the line, and that those choices are somehow interrelated.

How else do you explain all the sodomite actors (particularly stage actors), glam musicians, playwrights, and child molesters?

Editor's Note: for purposes of offensive clarity, the word "gay" in the above post has been changed to "sodomite[s]"