Ohhh those Russians

Russian porn was broadcast in India as a prank, leading to massive protests

Embryonic tumour removed from a man's back -- he decides not to let his brother be studied, and ends up fuelling CIA alien rumours

Man trapped naked in his cellar is rescued after 3 days

Moldovan seems like a lousy place to live: women's bare legs are banned from street advertisements

A dead bat is found in a loaf of bread, while a dead rat in a bag of croutons may be worth $1.6 million

"Police had to shoot the cows to restore order"

Russian MP says Condi Rice needs a good deep danking.

More than half of Russian residents are xenophobic: unknown if the included in the sample the African thugs who beat up a bunch of St. Petersburgians.

The Ukranian Government censures their own cabinet while Putin tries to hold Europe hostage in a Gas Crisis that seems completely manufactured and yet seems poised to collapse the agreement between the two counties. Good thing Ukrainians don't know the full details of what Stalin did to them, eh?

So are you left with the disgusting thought that maybe the Cold War ended a little too peacefully? There are a few redeeming features about the country after all.