What do eBay and the Liberals have in common?

Scams, baby, scams.

First off, the despicable new Liberal attack ads have aired. Meanwhile, another $5 million has disappeared into Liberal coffers and friendly agencies. Oh yeah, and Liberal MPs see no problem in lobbying for organizations and then publicly hitting them up for cash.

Second off, I got an eBay phishing email today. It was totally different than any other eBay item I've ever seen, but I don't have the computing resources right now to deliver a screenshot. It's a email sent via myMessages feature, ironically brought it to cut down on eBay eschrow fraud. The "message" is:
I am emailing you about the Item I won , I sent you the money and never received the package , It has been 4 days now and you said that it will get in max 2 days. Please explain, I am getting worried !


Now it starts off with "eBay sent this message.
Your registered name is included to show this message originated from eBay." which apparently the real messages contain. Problem is, this didn't include my registered name (but how many people would check that). The email instructs that "eBay sent this message on behalf of an eBay member via My Messages. Responses sent using email will not reach the eBay member. Use the Respond Now button below to respond to this message." But the "Respond Now" button links you to this scam site (THIS IS NOT AN EBAY SITE! DON'T BE STUPID AND TYPE YOUR INFO IN THERE). From there, I just have to put in my eBay details and they can hack my account.

Of course, this assumes that the email they sent it to was my ebay address (it wasn't). And like I said, it didn't include my registered name, which was a problem inasmuch as I don't know my registered name. I have an eBay and PayPal account, but I forget the information I gave them, which email address I used (it may have been an expired email addy and therefore of little use to me to know it), my registered name, my password, etc. etc. etc.

If only they WOULD use my real eBay address and registered name in a phishing email, then I could easily go back to using eBay and PayPal again (and attain my dual dreams of selling a Britney Spears 8-Track and purchasing Puddy's Magic 8-Ball Jacket).

Naturally, there is literally zero side-benefit to any more scams perpetrated by the Liberal Party. That should be their slogan: The Liberal Party of Canada: Less socially responsible than Russian internet scams


Anonymous said...

You should forward the phishing email to spoof@eBay.com