Tomorrow's To-Do List

  1. I need to go get some new self-locking clips whose name I forget from Canadian Tire
  2. I need to see if AutoTemp or CarSource has any replacement clips for my radar detector
  3. Buy some groceries


    ....are you sure that's it?

    isn't there something i'm forgetting?


    er, its on the tip of my tongue....

    ohh, I remember now, I should sometime tomorrow go off and

  4. Vote for Rahim Jaffer
Tomorrow I shall not be blogging at all, or watching TV, or reading much of anything. I will enter a state of hyperbaric isolation far away from anything which might give me unpleasant election results. For now, however, would be electors can enjoy some mild reading:

A 19th-century libertarian commentary against fascism most notable for the fact that it in fact preceeds any actual political movement.

Western Standard counts down the top 5 election videos circulating around the InterNex. I was mainly checking to see if anybody commented on the slur against the magazine in Todd Babiuk's column in ED last Saturday. Geesh that Babiak (Babiuk? Who cares) is a liberal-lovin' jerk.

Colby Cosh's MacLeans blog has a lengthy and scathing indictment over the "opposition" to the GST cut from so-called "progressive taxation" supporters. This is exactly the kind of lengthy and powerful debunking I would do on this blog, if I wasn't always time-strapped when online lately (or worse, coming up with clever thoughts when I'm not here).

Speaking of which, here are my clever thoughts from the election this past weekend:
  • You know its the second half of the election campaign when the Conservative ads all show Paul Martin and the Liberal ads all show Stephen Harper.
  • Somebody today said that the Conservatives weren't "for the people". This can't help but be a good thing though: everything in history that has been done "for the people" turns out to be "against the people". The Red October revolution was "for the people", Stalin's night of long knives was "for the people", Mao's revolution was "for the people", the unification of Viet Nam was "for the people", public healthcare was "for the people" and so on and so forth.
  • Does nobody care that we're encouraging stupid people highly likely to vote against Harper to cast their ballots? Or that APIRG and Students Against Global Apathy are aware of this tendency and not being up front about it? Young stupid people shouldn't vote (nor should old stupid people, but they aren't getting the media blitz).
  • On a similar topic, since every vote for a party nets them $1.75, shouldn't people stop saying "everybody should vote or you can't complain". What if all the parties proposed lowering the voting age to 16, and I personally opposed this? Now not only do I have to vote for one of these parties but also give them money to be further re-elected when I don't like their policies?? What the hell is with that?