The thin line between right and wrong

Global TV is messing up the program schedule, and My Name is Earl is on instead of Family Guy which sort of bites. So I was doing some channel flipping, and A-Channel has Matchstick Men on, so the question must be asked:
Is it wrong to watch the movie and think Alison Lohman is hot? I mean, there is some justification for it. And she's obviously a little older than 14 in the movie, right? (I admit the character is 14) All I know is that when I first saw the film I was checking her out and I had no idea how old the actress was. And the movie was introduced to me by a friend who has a child and said I need to watch it to understand the mechanism by which a parent falls in love with their offspring.

So the B.C. government is trying to crack down on cross border shopping with Alberta. Don't they have anything better to do?

"Landslide Annie" you say?

This guy stole my line. Except for the election night bit, where I will have nothing at all!

The CBC rigs the elections. Sun rises in the east. Yes, and?

"Oh, hi Liberal candidate. I own handguns. What will a Liberal Government do to compensate me for my lost property when handguns are banned under your administration?" "You have a handgun! Get to the United States where you belong, you evil unCanadian Second World War Veteran!"