Election thoughts from people almost as smart as me (and a few people dumber than cat dung)

The "Burton Front" blog has a horribly clever adjective game to play with the 103 Liberal seats.

Burton front also covers one more reason Jack Layton is a dangerous idiot. But I think his economic idiocy has to really take centre stage.

Lorne Gunter sees there is no rural-urban divide and muses about Bush's call congradulating Harper. Would the national media be happier if Bush had called to bitch Harper out over getting the job? Well, actually, they would. (However much the idea makes me feel ill, it would be funny to see if Layton would accept the phone call).

Kate at Small Dead Animals talks about Stockwell Day's chances as Foreign Affairs Minister and notes amoung other things his endorsement by numerous foreign governments, the "Bruno sex scandal" occuring on the previous minister's watch, and a Stockwell Day effect on human rights in third world dictatorships.

BumfOnline has a little rant about Fuhrer Harper and the policies he shall be initiating. This is a good time to point out that much of the Conservative policybook is made up of left wing policies that would be opposed by any actual conservatives.

Stephen Taylor must be a happy guy this week. Here's what he has to say

AB Freedom is upset that the Liberals blame the RCMP for their election loss. I wouldn't be upset, I'd be trumpeting it: the Liberals lost due to RCMP investigations into their corruption! C'mon now!

Putting bloggers everywhere to shame, Monte Solberg covers the sad news that the Conservatives didn't win Toronto/Montreal/Vancouver. But on the bright side, he says, they don't need to worry, since the Liberal MPs have solved all their city's problems over the last decade. He also extends an olive branch to departing Liberals. Heartless Conservatives, indeed!

"Canada seems to be like the underacheiving uncle writes a commentator at AltHouse Blog. Ha ha.

The rabble.ca idiots are coming out of the woodwork, not surprisingly. They aren't impressed with Conservative gains in Quebec (hey, its not like Harper took them from 0% to 2nd place or anything, right>), they're proud of themselves for artifically inflating the percentage of parliamentarians whose biggest acheivement is being able to bleed into their shorts every month, they're concerned with the NDP's success, and most importantly: continuing to show what intelligent, sensible, caring, decent, and observational people they all are.

From Adam Radwanski's blog: "There's a perception out there that Canadians have turned from the Liberals to the Conservatives. That's flat-out wrong. Even with 36.25%, the Tories still came out more than 2% below the combined Canadian Alliance and PC share of the popular vote in 2000." Remind me again why we disbanded the Reform Party?

Finally, Warren Kinsella seems to be retiring. I hereby take back all the bad things I've ever said about Paul Martin. You did good, Pauly.