Edmonton 2014 Fringe mini-preview of Saturday August 23

There are only two more full days of fringing available (not discounting the holdouts). So for today, if you're thinking about taking in a play and are overwhelmed by the choices, feel free to peruse the links below.

To avoid spoilers you can scroll down to the bottom and read the "Final line" to get a spoiler-free summary.

11:30am, BYOV 13: John Cusack

12:15pm, Stage 1: Ages of the Moon

2pm, Stage 9: Sundogs

3pm, BYOV 25: Under the Mango Tree (caution: review of from a previous year)

4:30pm, BYOV 14: Swordplay

4:45pm, Stage 5, Peter n' Chris and the Mystery of the Murder Hotel (caution: review of from a previous year, slight name change that could mean other major changes)

5pm, Stage 8, Mr. and Mrs. Alexander: Sideshows and Psychics

7pm, BYOV 16: Bible Bill: The Gospel Musical

7pm, BYOV 36: May & Alia do Pirates! (of Penzance)

9pm, Stage 1: The War of 1812

10pm, Stage 2: Ludwig & Lohengrin