If Red Redford could be made to resign a third time, I'd cheer it on, but we're finally hopefully rid of her and her progressive ilk forever

Well, for the second time in 2014, Red Redford is stepping down, this time as the MLA for Calgary-Elbow, finally getting the contemptible bitch out of provincial politics for good and, barring possible RCMP investigations for alleged crimes light years ahead of what Mike Duffy has been accused of [not to mention, of course, Rob Ford -ed], and of course the inevitable fallout that will continue with the PC Leadership race.

Naturally, tonight I broke out my Alison Redford scotch (I've since actually printed a photo of her and stuck on the label) to toast her final departure from the political stage. Out of our Legislative Assembly, but not out of our hearts as it were. Though of course with Red Redford she always existed less in our hearts and more in our pancreas (and, nearby, our wallets).

So what lies in store for the worst Premier in memory? Will you be seeing her more often in posh California restaurants? Will she get a gig back with the United Nations? How about moving back to her actual home province of British Columbia? Regardless of where she ends up, I find it highly unlikely we'll be seeing her slumming it out in line at CrossIron Hills Mall, or in the stands at the Smoky Lake Pumpkin Festival, or the Burger Baron in Whitecourt. In fact, let's make one of those bold prediction thingys:

2014 will be the last year that Alison "Red" Redford lives in the Province of Alberta.

Do I have some scoop or inside track? Nope! But there it is, we'll see how accurate it is. Anybody who wants to claim that Red Redford will still be living in Calgary in 2016, feel free to disagree with me in the comments.