Edmonton Fringe mini-preview for Friday August 22nd

I did one of these for Wednesday and it was really popular, so here are links to the plays I've reviewed playing today, Friday August 22nd 2014 at the Edmonton International Fringe festival. (readers from other locales and times are going to have to settle for just imagining what attending these could have been like)

2pm, Stage 2: Einstein!

2pm, BYOV 25: Under the Mango Tree (caution: review from a previous year)

4:30pm, BYOV 16: Bible Bill: The Gospel Musical

5:45pm, BYOV 36: May & Alia do Pirates!

5:45pm, BYOV 14: Swordplay

6:15pm, Stage 1: Ages of the Moon

6:45pm, Stage 8: Mr. & Mrs. Alexander

7:15pm, Stage 3: No Tweed Too Tight: Another Grant Canyon Mystery

8:45pm, BYOV 25: Under the Mango Tree (repeat showing, see link above)

10:45PM, Stage 5: Peter n' Chris and the Mystery of the Murder Motel (caution: review from a previous year, more may have changed than just the name)