I called Red Redford's flight

It was only about three weeks ago that I made a bold prediction:

2014 will be the last year that Alison "Red" Redford lives in the Province of Alberta.
I'm already a bit behind the 8-ball on mentioning this, but about a week after my post, this little news nugget came out:It looks like Red Redford is already working on getting a job outside of the province. There's a decent chance that she won't even need to wait for 2014 to end before she gets it. At the very least, we know she's looking, and that if she is still in Alberta in 2015 it isn't for a lack of trying. Alison Redford, she didn't come back for you?

At any rate, a good point to remember that Red Redford isn't Albertan (if you didn't already notice from her agenda), she isn't sticking around if she can't be in charge.