Google Street View deletes Edmonton's famous downtown drug deal

Way way back when Google Street View debuted in Edmonton, the Twitter meme of "you stay classy, #yeg" started up when it was found a blatent drug deal was caught in front of Milla's Pub on 101st Street.

Well today I discovered that, like many other drug deals caught on Street View, the image has been removed.

Here you can see, at a slight distance, the drug deal:
(click the image to view full sized)

Now here's that same section of sidewalk, with the people all removed by Google:
(click the image to view full sized)

Its taken at the same time of day, but the garbage bags next to the drug deal have also disappeared.

Remember the brownish van from the first picture? In this one, you can see the empty sidewalks...and the van is still there. It almost looks like Google straight out deleted these guys wholesale from the photos:
(click the image to view full sized)

So were they photoshopped out? Are there any images capturing this infamous moment for the ages?