"It's zesty without being too preachy, if you know what I mean"

A good number of searches to Third Edge of the Sword are looking for the recipe to make the Ruby Club from the Corner Gas episode "Hero Sandwich". In my rundown of the episode, our #1 entry in the Corner Gas Countdown series, I mention how its a shame there is no real recipe. What we do have, however, is a variety of shots of the sandwich as various characters enjoy it. I am no food expert, but lets examine the shots:

Hank gives us our first good look at the Ruby Club. It seems to use a marble rye, fitting for Canada's Seinfeld. A slice of what is probably a hothouse tomato, and also a slice of yellow cheese (cheddar?) makes the first layer of the Ruby Club. The bottom layer only seems to be a slice of turkey, or maybe chicken. From this look, that seems to be the entire sandwich. No bacon or lettuce to be found.

Not much can be gleaned from this brief shot of the Ruby Club, though it does seem there's a Hollandaise-coloured sauce on the sandwich. This is probably what endears the town to the dish. It's also most likely where the "zesty" quality comes from that Hank appreciates.

Oscar gives another glimpse of the Ruby Club, though no new information can be found. It has a pickle on the side, which may come as standard. Don't tell Oscar though.

Mayor Fitzy, near the show's climax, is shown eating a Ruby Club (by this point, its the only menu item anybody who isn't Brent eats) that unlike Hank's and Oscars appears to be a Ruby Club Melt (though he may just have an extra slathering of the sauce we seemed to find earlier). Either he paid for the pickle, or Oscar is onto something: however, we can confirm no lettuce or bacon in this shot.

Finally we can see both halves of Fitzy's sandwich, and its clear this is it, that's all there is.

We can therefore provide the following recipe for a Ruby Club: