President Monkey to be kept safe from....monkeys

Oh, this one's just too rich:

The 'world's most powerful man' faces a threat from New Delhi's infamous stray monkeys during his two day stay in the Capital starting November 7. Commandos, sharpshooters and monkey catchers will be pressed in to secure the sights on US president Barack Obama's itinerary from any untoward simian

The Ridge area, close to the ITC Maurya, where the president will stay, as well as Humayun's Tomb, which he will visit on November 8, are infested with monkeys.

"This aspect of security will be discussed in an all-agency meeting on Monday," said Taj Hassan, joint commissioner of police (security).

"We will deploy commandos, snipers and even monkey catchers to ensure his safety," a police officer said.
Hopefully the commandos have a photo album handy. Or else this could become a messy international incident and fast.