"Yo where is the white privilege at?"

Recently the City of Edmonton founded an 'anti-racism' campaign that called on whites to acknowledge their "white privilege". After the obvious uproar from such a ludicrous concept, the city quickly removed the offending section (though the remainder of the campaign remains).

So, with almost everybody glad to see it go, it seems the matter is mostly closed. After all, the City of Edmonton doesn't give me any "white privilege": I'm taxed at the same rate as an asian, I'm forced to pay the exact same entry fee to Fort Edmonton Park as an Indian, and I have to drive at the same speed limit as a black (well, in theory). So it seems silly to be acknowledging a "white privilege" that is demonstrably shown not to exist. Examples of female privilege or Indian privilege, one may note, abound. So it seems to mark the death of this nonsense talk of "white privilege"

Apparently, however, its out there, just cannot be explained in under 140 characters. Hey look, this blog allows comments!