3 4 of 5 senses reassociated with winter

With the City of Edmonton experiencing the first snowfall of the year, I realized that of the five basic senses, three of them have begun to notice sensations associated with the season that have been long forgotten:

Sight: Have you ever been to Thailand or Hungary and been amazed at how they turn a 4-lane road into a de-facto 5-lane road because their cars are all so small? In fine Edmonton tradition, when winter comes we typically lose a lane of traffic. 105th Street north of 97th Avenue, or 170th Street south of 114th Avenue are good examples of this. Because of heavy snow and edged windrows, until the plows come out we're down a lane.

Sound: The first sense I got to experience associated with winter was that crunching noise that your boots make on snow. I bet you forgot that sound, didn't you? I did. In the words of Queen Celine, it's all coming back to me now.

Smell: Ah, that aroma of other people's exhaust hanging close to the earth and making it into your vehicle's cab. And because you need to keep hot air on your windshield, you can't just turn the blower off. I can't easily fit my truck inside my garage, so if I want a warm car to drive I have to endure this (being lower to the ground tends to make this worse).

Touch: What touch do I remember most with winter? As of yesterday, I have been re-acquainted with the feeling of ass landing on icy side streets.

What senses really bring winter alive to you? Were there tastes or sights that I missed? Drop a line in the comments.

Update, November 21 2010, 1:49pm:I found a sight. The post title has been adjusted accordingly, and you can find the entry under "sight" in the list above.