Warren Kinsella is totally full of shit

I originally posted about this on his Facebook page. He turned around and blocked/unfriended me. A reminder: Warren Kinsella doesn't like you knowing about his wicked ways.

Anywho, when it transpired that an unabashed neo-Nazi tried to very publicly attend the Mark Steyn talk in London on Monday, and was prevented from doing so, Kinsella did what he does best. Be moronic.

The real interesting thing about this was, in 1997 when Web of Hate was published, Warren made a big deal about how at a couple of events the Reform Party had neo-Nazis in attendance at events (and in one case, working security). Naturally, that people just showed up at these events was unacceptable. In his view, Reform should have intensely scoured the names of people attending to weed out anybody who's views were too extreme for Kinsella. [the man's a liberal: his own views are intensely extreme vis a vis sodomite marriage or deregulating healthcare... -ed] Of course, what Kinsella the Liberal Liar didn't mention (and surely he knew) was that the neo-Nazis who got into the security gig were in fact doing so at the behest of CSIS, who's political masters includes the Prime Minister that Kinsella spends much of his journalistic career giving blowjobs to on the pages of newspapers. No matter how obscure these men were, however little they had to do with the actual Reform movement or the efforts of conservatives fighting liberals like Mulroney and Chretien, it didn't matter. Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon could separate Preston Manning from any of these men, but Kinsella would unfairly tar them all with the same brush. Be in the same room as a neo-Nazi (except, of course, for when Kinsella and his buddy Richard Warman hang out: that's a Nazi Kinsella is proud to call 'friend') and the gloves came off.

Of course, that was 1997. Now its 2010, and Kinsella has done a full 180. Apparently now its completely horrible that Andrew Lawton would keep this neo-nazi on the street. Had he been allowed to speak, and some new jackass was trying to pull Kinsella 1997 schtick, surely Warren would have leapt to Steyn's defense in the National Post.

What? Why are you laughing.