Da Kink in Da Hair

Or is that Da Kink in My Hair?

It's the new Global series based on the Toronto Fringe Play.

She wanted to write a play that would focus on the lives of black womyn and authentically reflect the joy, hardship, and struggles of a black womyn's lives. She wanted to incorporate her own personal story and also stories and "gossips" that she has heard to make 'da Kink believable. Months later the first rough draft of da kink was born.

The theory behind the play and the show seems to be: there are about 3750 black people in the entire country. 2100 of them are women. Five of them can act. Give 'em a show! (The audience? Well, some of the other 3745 must have some money!)


K. Restoule said...

Does this mean that they're suffering because they can't spell 'women'?