95th Grey Cup Preview: Two Prairie Juggernauts Bowl it out in a city nobody has ever heard of

That's right kids! The 95th Grey Cup is upon us, as the once-mighty Winnipeg Blue Bombers face off against the once-mighty (literally!) Saskatchewan Rough Riders.

Rider Pride has sold out the Skydome Rogers Centre Jim's Bait and Tackle Shop Park. The slightly-larger football is ready to be hurled, and its time for Third Edge of the Sword's Grey Cup preview.

Let's get this out of the way: I'm a-cheering for Winnipeg. Now true, my loyalties in all sports tend to lie out in the west (my favourite AL team is Seattle, my 3rd favourite NL team is the Dodgers, etc.) But in this case, I'm willing to make a massive exception. Why? Because like all Edmontonians, I know more than a few passionate [passionate = annoying = obnoxious = illogically fanatic -ed] Saskatchewan Roughrider fans. I'm sure all of you out in Blogland can say the same. The problem is, if Saskatchewan wins the Grey Cup, we're going to hear about it for years. Maybe decades...

Hey, remember when we won the Grey Cup back in 'ought-seven?
Those wheatlanders will remind us of their victory possibly for the rest of our natural lives -- or until the Riders win their 4th (yes, 4th) Grey Cup in a decade or two -- and I for one don't want to hear that.

So despite the sickening underdog status, the lack of a battle-tested QB, the semi-porous defensive line, and a rushing game that leaves a little to be desired, I'm going all-in for the Winnipeg Blue Bombers.

I checked out the Vegas line odds:

LVSC LVHilton Leroy's Caesar's Sportsbook Bodog
231 Winnipeg 50 49 48 49 49.5 48.5
232 Saskatchewan -11 -11.0-110 -11.0-110 -10.5-110 -11.0-110 -11-110

Anybody have a clue what this crap means? I think there's an 11 point favouring of Saskatchewan, so maybe the top number is the over/under? It still doesn't tell me how much it pays if I put $100 down on either team. Bodog says that the money line is +325 for Winnipeg, -450 for Saskatchewan. That means something does it?

Anyways, the Toronto Star says spend your over/under money on the number of kegs of beer consumed at Spirit of Edmonton.

Enjoy the Grey Cup everybody!