It seems n'est pas likely

Hey, remember the Monopoly game at McDonalds that you and I didn't win?

Last year "Jason C. from AB/de l'Alb." won $10,000 playing the game. He advertised for it this year.

My hot coffee gave me a cool 10 grand...
Hey Jason, that's pretty pithy. I suppose they gave him some time to think about it, right? They didn't just ask for a quote right away. Or did they even ask at all? Did their ad wizards write it themselves and just ask Jason to say it? Did he even read it himself, or is it being falsely credited to him?

I ask, because "Jason C. de l'Alb" seems pretty pity in the other offical language too:
Mon petit cafe m'a rapporte la grande somme de 10 000$
I mean, since "cool" doesn't have the same play-on-words quality in French, he decided to use the contract between his little coffee and the grand sum? Did the dude even buy a little coffee? Did he even buy a coffee?