Hey kids, its mega-sized news roundup time again - part three of...three

Are the Americans so sports-obsessed in the opening weeks of the NFL season (did you know that two 7-0 teams have never met in the...I don't care...that the selection of an attorney general depends on his view of riding behind a motorboat with surfing paraphernalia? (Answer: no, its some sort of terrorism thing)

Here's something a little weird: Business Leaders for Sensible Priorities has been asking Presidential candidates about defense priorities, and found that the Democrats were the ones to give the best answers. Go figure.

After almost four decades behind bars, the man who shot George Wallace has been freed. One of the the plusses of having these longer sentences in the U.S. has to be that it prevents any controversy when men like this get released. Long after all connected with the event (Wallace, for example) are dead, the perp finally gets out of prison. In Canada, Brenner would have received an 8 year conditional sentence of which he would have served 5 years, and after 3 would have started qualifying for conditional parole. Go figure then that people get a little upset about the justice system. There may be a lot of people who are against the U.S. system (the makers of the atrocious Lets Go to Prison that I watched last night), but you have to admit they put some thought into it.