A proposal from exactly whom you expected it to come from...

...yes, that's right boys and girls, there has no been a proposal to merge the Canadian and American dollars.

More of this dastardly Mr. Harper cozying up to George W. Bush, I can hear you say; first the death penalty thing and now this!

So naturally there's a horrified reaction to this proposal from the Conservative Party of Canada Bloc Quebecois. Er, the who?

Paul Crete, the lead finance spokesman for the separatist Bloc Quebecois, which elects members to Canada's Parliament only from Quebec, said the manufacturing and forestry sectors were already struggling with an economic crisis and did not need big swings in the Canadian-U.S. exchange rate to add to their woes.

So lemme get this straight: the most anti-American party in the House of Commons, from the most anti-American province in the country, who doesn't want anything to do with the United States or Canada, but plans on using Canadian money if they separate, is in favour of merging the currency. Does this make even the slightest sense to anybody else? [And anybody else know why there's not even a big "controversy" about this? If Harper suggested this Jack Layton would be selling effigies of our dear PM out of the backs of cube vans... -ed]