What Women Want

So apparently the relationship gurus at Plenty of Fish know how to talk to women, and potential suitors trying to email are given this handy guide:

    Women’s Top Ten Favorite Conversation Topics
  1. Hopes and aspirations
  2. Hobbies/interests in general
  3. Music
  4. Dreams
  5. Romance
  6. Friends
  7. Travel
  8. Vacations
  9. Movies
  10. Entertainment

    Women’s Top Ten Least Favorite Conversation Topics
  1. Politics
  2. Other dates
  3. Past relationships
  4. Science fiction
  5. Religion
  6. Celebrities
  7. Science
  8. Antiques
  9. Money
  10. History

So, uh, not that women are shallow or anything. They'd just rather talk about Gwen Stefani and Holly from the dayspa than the role of the state in complex modern economies, or the impact of scientific research on relgious beliefs and the subsequent reordering of the societal makeup.


Anonymous said...

"They'd just rather talk about Gwen Stefani "

Actually the lists YOU quoted show 'celebrities' as number 6 on things women LEAST want to talk about. I think you are the love-child of Coulter and the local slobbering retard who sits at the back of the bus; no need to insult a brilliant man like Feynman.

Feynman and Coulter's Love Child said...

While I'm sure you think you're scoring a killer point here, with a half-thought insult to try to back it up, the truth is your counterpoint has already been observed and silently negated, about 2 days after I made the post, by me.

Surveys can be valuable things, but every once and a while people will give answers incompatible with reality: you always have to apply your own "smell test", and the most perfunctory tests will reveal to you that that number 6 item doesn't seem to fit in with the rest of the topics for discussion. There are a few facts that deserve some attention.

There is an astounding glut of celebrity magazines out there, and ET/E! being more popular with young people than the actual news. Which gender do you think is fuelling this celebrity push? Honestly now: there's a reason that OK/People/etc are lining the aisles at Safeway and not at NAPA. If you want to look at who's the celebrity obsessed, its not men.

Furthermore, whenever you might go to the bar or a restaurant or a mall and encounter women where you might in real life wish to talk to them and listen to what they talk about with each other, what do you tend to hear about? Not celebrity dirt, shurely!

Finally, I have more than a few anecdotal bits of evidence that when women are talking to men (your humble correspondant, for example) they blather endlessly about celebrities.

While some of the items on there are questionable (women tend to ask large numbers of past relationship questions, though I do notice they hate not being the one to bring it up), I already long ago recgonized #6 as being out to lunch. Never bothered to update the entry about it, sorry. But you got nothing.