Yankee Interference and Iraq Justification

I was reading this post on the freethought.ca blog, and a few things came to mind. I'm too lazy to figure out how to post on there, so I'll do it here:

1) I've already listed below how the U.S. could really teach Liberal voters what happens when you piss off their nation, even though they won't. Clearly these comments are not intended to get Stephen Harper elected, they have far more effective ways of doing that.

2) What's with this "fictitious justification" bullshit? How are leftists still trotting this old canard out. Neal Boortz in Atlanta took care of this ages ago. There's this post, and this post, and this post, and maybe even this reminder. The quick summaries are: the uranium purchase attempts are in fact legitimate, sarin nerve gas has been found and used in Iraq, and that the Iraqis hid several large FIGHTER JETS in the sand that took months to discover. Also feel free to read this 1998 Austrailian account of Iraq's chemical weapons capabilities. Now after all that, surprise surprise, there was some suspicion Iraq might have chemical weapons!

3) If Fidel Castro came out in favour of Paul Martin or Jack Layton, would that cost either man votes? Kim Jong Il or Kim Il Jong or whoever the fuck the crazy North Korean dude's name is, if he endorsed Jack Layton or Gilles Duceppe, would that hurt either man's cause? Why is the Greatest President of the 21st Century and the leader of our closest trading partner a huge anchor on the ankles of any endorsed candidate whilst the above demented evil dictators likely wouldn't bat an eyelash if they endorsed either of these two evil dictators?

4) In the original post, Luke says "Bush is not popular here in Canada. Whether it be softwood, mad cow, Iraq, Kyoto…. You name it and most Canadians disagree with the Bush Administration". Yet on softwood and mad cow, Bush was in fact the Pro Canada candidate! And his opponent wasn't pro Kyoto either. Furthermore, Canada has at least one premier opposed to Kyoto, and in fact the premier with the largest victory margins. And a later poster reminds us that Canadians were split on the Iraq war in the first place.